Instructions for the Appropriate Design and

Easy Installation of Rooftiles

Covering a roof with fired clayware tiles may be the best choice for the protection of any building on the condition that its design and the installation process follow certain basic rules.

•Tightness of the roof is ensured by its slopes and naturally by the quality and condition of the tiles.
•The minimal slope required depends on weather conditions on the area, building exposure and roof dimensions (length and mainly the width).
•In every case the roof slope with tiles installed should not be estimated to be less than 30%.
•Overlapping roof tiles decreases the roof slope by 8%, a fact that should be given due consideration for assassing the final result.
•For building in areas with adverse climatic conditions, VIOKERAL is able to provide technical advice for the optimal solution to the roofing problem.
•Application of ventilation gates in the roof assists in equalizing internal and external temperatures avoiding vapor condensation on the inner side.
•Roof tiles should be installed on rectilinear wooden join correctly spread.
•Roof tiles should be laid down starting from the eaves line and progressing towards the roof ridge in the following manners:
a ) Marseillese and German type roof tiles from right to left and in horizontal rows to the eaves line.
b ) Hollandese and Portuguese type roof tiles from right to left and in rows towards the maximum slope.
•Roof tiles should be either tied or nailed on the purlin.
•Care should also be taken, during installation, to avoid breakage, cracking, soiling with mortar and in general any other defect.