Insulated plates of expanded polystyrene:

The UNITHERM is hard sparkling heat-resistant plate overstaffed state-polystyrene. The expanded polystyrene protects for 30 years, millions of homes throughout the world from the cold, heat and sound. The UNITHERM is uniformly closed cellular structure created by the swelling of polystyrene pearl using steam. The structure is explained by the low rate thermal conductivity , as well as the low absorption moisture which is characteristic of high properties of UNITHERM. The low moisture absorption of UNΙTHERM protects the material from moisture condensation of interior and by the transfer of external moisture in the insulation. Therefore, the UNITHERM helps in saving energy and, at the same time, the protection of the environment because the UNITHERM have fewer hours of heater burner and therefore fewer emissions and less hours of air conditioning in the summer.

The excellent mechanical strengths of UNITHERM, due to the excellent condensation of material (computerised, vacuum production), who are covering all application requirements and ensure the integrity of the installation. The UNITHERM is stable and concentrated on the volume and dimensions, without being influenced by humidity. It is resistant to aging and easy to edit. The stability of the volume of the UNITHERM guarantees a permanent insulating layer in masonry and therefore a long stable thermo-water insulation.

The UNITHERM apart from reducing gas - because less use burner - has to demonstrate and other, greener properties.It is organic neutral which means that there are no harmful effects on the environment and human health. Because it is manufactured from pirls-Polystyrene and steam it does not contain as the other insulating materials, harmful chemicals for humans and the environment (ozone depletion, hazardous radiation, etc. ). Proof of the fact that the UNITHERM protects human health, are the ingredients of an inflated polystyrene packaging used in food packaging (ice-cream, containers for storing fish, vegetables, etc. ). The UNITHERM is a material that is recycled and reused without burdening the environment.

The UNITHERM UNITHERM is baled with shrinking polyethylene, which protects the material during transport and storage. The special packaging of UNITHERM - sealed parcels from all sides - allows storage for long periods of time in self-storage compartments even in adverse weather conditions. Production characteristics, the density, the dimensions, the production time are printed on the packages. VIOKERAL has its own work-trucks for transfering the UNITHERM with direct delivery up to 600 cubic meters/day.